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GI - Trak


GI-Trak healthcare


Remote medical care system for IBD patients and providers (doctors, dietitians, psychologies, etc).


Remote medical care system

Technologies we used 

React, React Native, redux, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Material UI, Firebase, Python, Django, Postgres, AWS, opentok, smarts city api, food search api, heroku

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GI-Trak is a healthcare startup which helps Crohn's and Colitis patients and providers (dietitians, doctors and psychologists), that was founded by experts in the field of Crohn's disease. The app provides a one-stop solution that combines the entire medical care process and daily coping with the disease for the patients and for the providers, improving the quality of care, facilitating treatment, and making the patient not neglect himself, finding providers and making video calls.

At Becode we created and developed from scratch a specific Remote Medical Care Android & iOS App for patients with Crohn's disease and colitis, and web interface for providers who specialize in treating Crohn's and colitis disease and patients. From planning and characterizing the interface, connecting to servers, information security, to product design, using WebRTC technology and launch.

For Patients to organize their medical records and data and allow them to manage their diet, medications, and health symptoms for more transparent and detailed communication with their healthcare providers to assist in better diagnosis and monitoring of their condition.
The App allows the Patients to find suitable providers, dietitians, and doctors available and close to their place of residence, receive and collect vital information, make convenient and secure telemedicine and routine video calls between patients and dietitians and/or doctors. Including medical records, trak meals, taking medication, getting first aid, recipes, identifying symptoms and answering online questionnaires, Online appointments using WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) with doctors and dietitians In a safe and easy to use online system. The patients can keep track of everything related to their disease in one place, in one search, conveniently and efficiently, and be sure that all their medical and sensitive information is secured under the most stringent standards.

For Providers (doctors and dietitians) we have also developed a web interface that includes a tool for easy and secure data management, see all the patient information, connection to external interfaces such as insurance companies and a pharmaceutical database, chat messages & video and communication service and comfortable communication, managing  the database that includes the medical and personal information, etc.
The system's security policies and procedures generally comply with the HIPAA Health Insurance Mobility and Liability Act for the storage and collection of FDA medical information.


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