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The technological solution we will create for you is not an existing product, the solution will be customized just for your specific needs and our team will develop it for you simply from scratch, all the way from a general idea to an advanced technological system that is integrated into your own work process.

About Us

Over the years we have developed technological solutions for a wide range of small to big companies and customers, from non-profit organizations, medical companies, leading universities, startups to huge and small technology companies, both local and international. Come check out what our customers say about us, please do not hesitate to reach out! 

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Meet the Team

Our talented team, led by the CEO and founder of BeCode - David Weinberg is carefully selected, experienced in websites, mobile apps & server-side development, databases, machine learning, and IoT. David graduated with honors with a bachelor's degree in computer science, and has many years of experience in Full Stack development including from Intel and leading start-ups, he previously lectured for studies and has extensive experience in technology, product, and UX. David and the team will help you achieve the most customized solution to any business or technological challenge you encounter,

It’s simply what we do.

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