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Or Israeli


Or Israeli - Israeli youth movement 


Collecting, organising and presenting the youth movement data and information in a cross-platform React Native App.


Cross-platform React Native App

Technologies we used 

React Native, React, redux, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, Django, sentry, Postgres, Heroku, UX, Twilio, Send Grid, Cloudinary

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Or Israeli Is an Israeli youth movement whose president is Rabbi Yitzhak Dovid Grossman, Winner of the Israel Prize, known for his tremendous work with children and teens from troubled and disadvantaged homes. 

The movement has about 300 branches across Israel, and it’s included around 10,000 boys and girls. Or Israeli was founded based on ambition and vision to provide the younger generation with better values, life skills, methods, and tools, both ideological and social, to empower the next generation. These include values such as respect for the others, politeness, the love of Israel, and the willingness to help and contribute.

As a movement that works with many children across the country, one of the biggest challenges is to gather and organize the details and information of the trainees and best present the movement activities and means of communication between the instructors and the trainee in an effective and productive way. 

Especially for this challenge, we designed and developed from scratch a cross-platform React Native app for Android & IOS that streamlines the cumbersome registration process for trainees, making registration smooth, including easy access to the movement activities information, and making internal communication simpler and easier for trainees, instructors, and parents. In addition, a React Web Management interface For the organisation managers adapted to managerial needs and day-to-day management work.


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