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Badatz Mehadrin



Internal cloud based ERP system


Cloud based ERP system

Technologies we used 

React, redux, HTML, CSS, bootstrap, Cloudinary, python, Django, heroku, Postgres, sentry, webpack

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Badatz Mehadrin is a major Jewish Supervision and marketing (rabbinical court—Hashgacha), among its customers: Strauss Group, Jafora Tabori Ltd, Wissotzky Tea House, Gad Dairies, Carmel Winery, Electra.

We at Bcode provide a technological solution for non-technological users in a user-friendly way! We have taken the huge database of Badatz Mehadrin, reorganized it, and built a new sophisticated cloud-based system from scratch, which will be user-friendly and easy to use for non-technological users which use simple technologies and need a solution that will shorten processes and time. We provided technical support along the process, both for finding technological solutions for new challenges and user needs and user support for using the new system. 

In response to the problems presented to us, we created a variety of new features to improve the communication process in the system between users, and make the presentation of information easy and secure. Among the prominent features we have created in the system can be found: uploading files easily, optimizing the issuance process of a kosher certificate on food through the internal system that has been updated and improved by us, entering the old data from the old databases using a cloud-based system in a convenient and efficient way. 
In addition, submitting applications and requests in a simple and fast way in the system, checking the status of the request and presenting the status clearly and conveniently in the system, including presenting all the application details in an accessible and clear manner, who owns the application and more while maintaining information security and privacy.

The Badatz Mehadrin data included a lot of duplicate information, a sea of excel files, access databases and much more. As a solution we created a feature for smart and easy information merge and make the system be able to identify duplicate data in a smart way while notifying the user, reminders updating for performing future actions—saving time and money and significantly improving the search interface in the system.


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