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Twitter trends analysis system


Analysis system

Technologies we used 

Python, Twitter API, PostgreSQL, Heroku

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Intel Corporation, well who does not know Intel? But anyway, here are a few words about the company - Intel is an American multinational corporation and technology company, Specialising in cloud service, data center, Internet of Things, and PC solutions. 

The goal of our project with Intel was to understand what the local and international technology market wants, what people are looking for, what are their needs, and what technical products are being discussed on social media. To this end, we have developed a system for monitoring information and user dialogue on Twitter on these topics and market intelligence - Twitter trends analysis system. 

The main challenge was to define how much discourse there is on each topic. We checked this while weighing the number of tweets on the relevant topics, the number of favorites and comments to these tweets, and the number of followers of the profiles that created a dialogue on the topics relevant to the project, Also in addition to that, how to sift relevant and vital information from an ocean of information that is updated daily, all day long. Well, Challenge Accepted! The system was able to filter relevant information from the ocean of tweets and information on these topics and locate the most relevant discourse that will later lead to the development of products and technologies that address market needs. 

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