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realtime units and mobile app for e-bike


Android & IPhone apps

Technologies we used 

Arduino, RF, Bluetooth, Android, Java, C.

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Ecycli developed a detachable unit that converts a regular bike into an e-bike, for the city lifestyle and for the in-city commuters. 

At Becode we built and developed a Bicycle Management System, which includes control for the bicycle engine and control for the communication. The system includes all steps from the planning stage to a user-friendly interactive app, with an innovative and easy-to-use display while complying with statutory standards for electric bicycles! 

The system has three parts: The Bicycle Main Engine Unit,

A Mobile App, & The Pedal Unit.

  1. The Bicycle Main Engine Unit: The RT unit that manages the bicycle motor, the bicycle battery, and the wheels. The Main Engine Unit uses Bluetooth communication to communicate with the bicycle Mobile App that we developed and use an RF communication technology to communicate with the Bicycle Pedal Unit. The solution we created from scratch uses and checks the battery level, flashlight mode, the actual speed of the wheel using sensors. All data collected is transmitted to the bicycle central unit that communicates with the Mobile App using Bluetooth communication between the engine unit and the Mobile App and produces status for the user! The Main Engine Unit uses RF communication technology to receive the fiddling speed in Real-Time from the Bicycle pedal unit. 

  2. The Mobile App for android devices that we have developed from scratch, enables the user to see in a user friendly interface the system status and change the engine level. As we described above, the app communicates with the main unit via Bluetooth. 

  3. The Bicycle Pedal Unit that checks if the driver actually pedals and sends that info to the main unit with RF.

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