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Madan Bareshet


Davidson Institute


Madan Bareshet, App that brings together teachers and scientists in order to produce a video meetings between scientists and students


IOS and Android App

Technologies we used 

React native, redux, Graphql, keystone, MongoDB, aws, heroku

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This App — The Scientist program on the behalf of Davidson Institute the Education arm of Weizmann Institute, allows science teachers (Elementary, middle & high schools) to invite Scientists and pioneer researchers that are working on contemporary science projects in a variety of topics to make classes conference with the students and to have Online tutorials.

We at Bcode provide a complete and full solution for the maintenance and continuous improvement of the App (IOS and Android) and backend, including Cloud-based computerized maintenance and database management. Starting from Database backup, to saving data securely and conveniently, solving technical problems on the spot, and resolving errors and bugs, Support and Improvement of the User interface (UI) and App User Experience (UX) to adding new features and technical support for existing features. Among the key features developed and improved in the system by us is the connection between the Teacher and the Scientist in the back office, all the way, starting with the registration process, receiving the registration confirmation, email communication within the system, frontline calls and video calls, and building the curriculum and class.

The Scientist program enables the site's teachers to get their students to be interested in cutting-edge science, to be curious, and link the study material that sometimes can be boring to groundbreaking and current research. 
We at Bcode have made the APP experience easier and more intuitive for the user, making the experience of searching for Teachers, students and scientists much better!

The program is Free of charge, and available in IOS and Android
Google Play


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