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Video based chat telemedicine system.


Telemedicine system

Technologies we used 

React, redux, WebRTC, browser video & audio APIs, HTML, CSS, opentok, heroku, sentry

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CliniWorks - Big Clinical Data Platform is a global healthcare technology leader transforming Big data into actionable evidence-based decisions and provides healthcare organizations with tools to organize performance and to improve their patient’s care.

CliniWorks provides proprietary technology with the Accel® platform that aggregates several clinical data sources into 1 single, HIPAA-compliant, searchable repository to enable rapid data query, reporting, and analysis. Its technology platform has been maintained and deployed within multiple big healthcare systems in Israel and globally worldwide, in real time, Using real-world evidence and endless medical sources.

We at Bcode have created a new advanced system for real-time video chat, between doctors and patients for CliniWorks platform integrated in CliniWorks system.The video chat system we’ve built for CliniWorks platform meets high abatement requirements, HIPAA-compliant. The system includes a secure and simple option for sending files (medical documents and photos) between doctors and patients, video calls and messages, making interaction between doctors and patients around the world easy, simple and accessible.


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