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david weinberg

David Weinberg

Full Stack Developer
HTML, JavaScript, Android, React, React Native, Python, Databases, C#, R



About Me

I'm an extremely versatile full stack developer with over five years of software development experience.

My edge is my ability to take any technological challenge from start to finish.

I have experience in websites, mobile apps & server side development, databases, machine learning and Arduino systems.

Things I know:

Languages: Python, C#, JavaScript, Java, R

Web technologies: React, Redux, Angular 1, Webpack, Bootstrap, JQuery, C3JS

Server side frameworks: Django, Flask, WebAPI, Falcon

App development: Android, React Native

Databases: MSSQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, BigQuery, Entity Framework, Hibernate, Django ORM

Cloud: Heroku, Azure, Google Cloud, Amazon RDS, Cloudinary

Other: UX, Machine learning, Arduino, Selenium, JUnit

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